Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 2012 Game Night

Last Friday our club got together for our December game night. These are a treat because we only have them when there is a Friday between Christmas and New Years Day that doesn't interfere with either holiday. Three games were run. Here are some photo's of Phil's 15mm ACW game of the battle of Antietam's sunken road action for the 150th anniversary of the year of the battle.

 Next up was Ed's 6mm 'Armies at Lutzen' 30 Years War game. This is what Ed calls a 'Battle Management' game putting the players in the role of wing commanders rather than unit commanders. Stress is put on having units in and out of combat to manage fatigue, etc. The figures don't show up well in these photos but each stand was a tiny diorama depicting unit shapes and formations.

I played in Ralph's 28mm WWII game which used Frank Chadwick's 'Men Under Fire' rules.  This game featured a German defense of a town and train against an attacking American force of infantry and limited armor support. This was a good game where the Americans destroyed us with a flank attack with their armor with the Germans not having any of their anti-tank assets in the right place to stop it.

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