Friday, March 22, 2013

March 2013 Game Night

Last Friday night our club got together for our monthly game night. The photo to the left is my friend Dave (aka Olaf in the DBA community) during our game. Dave is a very funny guy and photo bombed himself when I clicked the shutter on my camera.

The tournament is an annual event held in the "ides of Mach" each year by my friend and club mate Mike. It's a raucous, fun non-serious round of four games at the end of which we crown a winner or two depending on the format. This year the theme was the enemies of Rome. We all played historical enemies of Rome fighting against each other. I used a DBA-sized portion of the later Carthaginian FOG army I'm working on. My opponents through the night were Phil, Michael, Bob and Olaf (shown above). I went 2-2 for the night but had great fun in all four games, which is why Mike brings back the tournament each year. The winner this year was Bob, sown below being presented the trophy by host Mike. The trophy is awarded annually and returns each year to be passed on to the next winner.

The other two games were a nice looking 15mm Napoleonic game which used the Lasalle rules hosted by Paul and a ACW naval game hosted by George using his homebrew fast play rules.

On a more personal note, it has been noticed by my friends and some readers that the blog updates here have slowed down. OK stopped would be more descriptive. I was on vacation last week and the week before I was getting ready for vacation. Also work has been putting a lot of extra demands on my free time as of late. Hopefully things will slowly return to normal here at AJ's Wargaming Blog over the next few weeks/months.

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