Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 2014 Game Night

Last night our club had it's January game night. We had a great turn out with 23 members and guests attending and all three great games were filled to capacity. I played in Earl's French & Indian war game which used the "Muskets & Tomahawks" rules. I have to admit the more that I play these rules the more I like them. They're quite simple, with just enough detail to represent the period. There's only one sparse page of charts and half way through turn one new players have them down.

As for the game, normally I tend to think of myself as someone with very average (at best) luck. Last night I had what might be one of my best runs of luck at the gaming table. I handed out the command cards for our side completely at random as I couldn't read them due to not having my glasses on. I ended up with the British regulars - the best command on our side. My first volley from them deserved a cry of "Yahtzee!" it was so full of 6s. Our French opponents also had fairly poor luck (sorry guys) to add to the run. I'm heading to a game this Sunday, I'm afraid the scales are due a large balancing and I'm in for a tough day.

Earl's game was beautiful, well run and everyone seemed to have a good time. Even the French players took their misfortune in stride and were great sports about it. I love our club because that's more the rule for us than the exception.

New member prospect Rob ran his first game for the the club with the assistance of his club sponsor, Bruce. Their game was a DBRRR renaissance game.  I was so engaged in the FIW game I was in I was only able to snap a single photo of each of the other games. Apologies to both of the other game masters for that. On this table I believe the dice Gods also slanted the rolls heavily to one team.

The final game of the night was John's eastern front WWII game in 15mm. John painstakingly replicated the terrain of the battlefield from historical photos. When I stopped by this table mid game the news from the battlefield was the Russian T-34 tanks were starting their overrun of the village killing a bunch of Nazi infantry in the process.

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