Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mark D's Inaugural Game - Moderns

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to play a game at the new home of  friend Mark (of Mark D's gaming blog) new home to break in his new game room. The game was moderns using a set of rules that he's working based on the free rules "Special Forces" by David North. Mark has done some great work with the rules and has play tested with battles ranging from the Falklands War through current real and fictitious skirmishes in Africa and the Middle East. This battle pitted African Insurgents against a fictitious African country's government with the aid of some French elite troops.

The rules are coming along nicely and Mark has done some nice things working out a very efficient ranged combat system. The game is a squad based game and uses movement trays cut on my laser engraver which makes moving units quite easy. I'm looking forward to future games in Mark's great game room both with these rules and other rules. Now that Mark has this beautiful gaming space I expect he'll be running even more great games.


DeanM said...

Interesting game - I do like how you have the figs on irregular shaped movement trays. Inspires me to do the same. Best, Dean

Rodger said...

Great looking table and troops guys!

PanzerKaput said...

Lovely looking game there and those rules are sounding really interesting