Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wing Scale Napoleonics Game at Ed's

They say turnabout is fair play. The day after my play test (see my previous post) Ralph, Ed, Peter and I got together at Ed's house to play another play test game of his wing scale Napoleonic rules. I say playtest, but we really just played a game and didn't identify much to change this round as Ed's rules are maturing nicely.

I played one of the Prussian brigade commanders with Ed pushing the balance of the Prussians. Peter and Ralph pushed the French. This was an attack and defense game and the French did a nice job of holding up against our attacks thanks to good play in the towns which anchored each flank. Peter had a single battalion hold off my grenadiers for the entire battle giving them 6 hits while receiving none themselves and holding up to three separate charges. Well done indeed.

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Mad Padre said...

That's a well organized gaming room. I like the way the terrain mat is painted to look like fields. Nicely done.