Wednesday, September 10, 2014

28mm Spanish Scutarii (2)

This is the last of the Spanish Scutarii I had to paint up for my 28mm Carthaginian army. These are wearing assorted randomly-colored 'on campaign' tunics without the characteristic Spanish striping. The shields are again hand painted, with the exception of the officer's hoplon which is a decal. I mixed up the geometric patterns on the shields of this unit which I believe is more historically accurate.

These figures, like the last unit, are a mix from the Old Glory Scutarii pack and the Old Glory Caetreti pack. The latter I feel is what gives the unit a proper Spanish look. Originally I was going to paint this unit as a pair of small Hanibal at the Gates units, but when I finally inventoried all of my unpainted lead I was able to scrape up enough figures for a whole six-base Field of Glory battle group. The final (blurry) photo below is how the unit will be deployed in Hanibal at the Gates; as three soldier units.


DeanM said...

Great looking Spanish, AJ. Nice work on the shields. Another example of how nice OG can be - especially with great brushwork like these. It appears you play FoG in 28mm? Very nice. Best, Dean

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

We play a lot of our house rules, Hanibal at the Gates, but yes, I also like FOG in any scale. I have 15mm armies and now this 28mm.

The Kiwi said...

They look real good. Great colour choices.

Ian said...

Got to love those Spanish, nice veteran look

Carlo said...

Very nice work AJ - always wanted a Spanish army.