Monday, September 15, 2014

September 2014 Game Night

Last Friday was our club's monthly game night for September. We had a huge turnout with 25 members and 4 guests attending. Every game was filled to exactly capacity. I played in Ralph's Bolt Action 28mm WWII skirmish game. This is a scenario he's planning on running at the Carnage convention in November and features elements from an actual attack that his father (my Grandfather) participated in during his service in Europe.

I played the bad guys, commanding a squad of Volksgrenadiers tasked with defending against the American attack. While I had some early success, I ended up losing one of my squads in an attack that got blunted by defensive American fire, then later obliterated by defensive fire from a second American unit. I did end up eliminating my opponent's defending squad, but a 1:1 trade isn't really defending efficiently. Lesson learned, assaults in Bolt Action are costly and should be saved for moments of desperation. In the end my teammates carried me and the Germans won a narrow marginal victory eliminating 4 US squads while losing three.

Charlie ran a large game of his home rules, Napoleon's Rules of War which was well received and entertained eight players.

Peter ran a 15mm War of Spanish Succession game that had nine players and a ton of figures.

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