Thursday, October 9, 2014

28mm Carthaginian Citizen Heavy Cavalry

I intended this to be the last unit I painted for my 28mm Carthaginian army, but when reviewing my dead lead box I actually discovered I misplaced a unit of Spanish light cavalry, so this will be the penultimate unit that I will paint for the army. This is a single battle group in Field of Glory or four individual units in Hannibal at the Gates. These are the citizen heavy cavalry. The most affluent of the first class citizens. I've painted them in expensive blue and green underclothes and they're equipped with the finest bronze breastplates and linen armor. The shields are a combination of decals and hand painted decorations. The figures are made by Old Glory.

I'm heading out on a week's vacation. When I return I'll be finishing up the last unit of Spanish light cavalry and participating in our club's pirate game day.


Phil said...

Great job on this beautiful heavy cavalry!

DeanM said...

Very cool Carthaginian cavalry. Love the helmets and shield patterns. A very imposing unit.