Tuesday, October 21, 2014

28mm Spanish 'Small Shield' Cavalry

This is the last unit for my 28mm Carthaginian army. I started this project in November of 2012, so it has taken me almost two years to complete it. Considering the size of the army I'm actually happy to have finished it in under two years.

This is a unit of Spanish 'Small Shield' skirmish or light cavalry. In Field of glory this will be a single battle group of four stands. In Hannibal at the Gates it will be four separate skirmish cavalry units.

The figures are again from Old Glory. This particular sculpt isn't my favorite, but I think they came out ok. I went with military red tunics and took the extra time to paint the horses as Andalusian breed, which is an ancient Iberian breed appropriate for these troops. The light brown coats match well with Army Painter strong tone 'dip'.

Next up on the painting table, the first of my Republican Roman army to oppose the recently finished Carthaginians.