Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recent Ebay Purchases

Recently I picked up two batches of figures and a Sherman tank from three different sellers on Ebay. The first auction was nine more ancient Greek hoplites from the same seller that I got my previous batch from. As seen below, this completes a full wing of four stands of hoplites for Marathon to Marius. All I have to add is an officer and some soldiers or skirmishers. Both of the latter likely to include the Thracians I re-based earlier in the year. These figures came based for an unknown rule set. I re-based them for as shown.

The next group are some 28mm WWII British commandos. The group includes a forward observer, a 3-man Vickers heavy/medium machine gun crew, a 3-man command team, a 10-man infantry squad and a 2-man piat team. This is a pretty solid starter kit towards a British command for Bolt action.

Last but not least, a 28mm Bolt Action resin and lead Sherman 75mm. I liked this model because it was well weathered with mud and without markings. The latter makes it suitable for Americans or for British or Russian lend/lease use. I'll most likely use it with the Commandos shown above.

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