Thursday, April 30, 2015

Play Test of Robert's Rules of Disorder

Last Friday a group of us got together for an enjoyable play test Napoleonics game using my friend Robert's own rules which we affectionately call "Robert's Rules of Disorder". I am not sure if this is the working title or not but that's what we're using. Some of the games base mechanics draw from one of our favorite rule sets, Volley & Bayonet, mostly due to our desire to re-use our 15mm collections without re-basing. Robert has re-build from the ground up most of the rules and has his own unique combat system that features much more predictable attrition while still providing for good variance of outcomes. The combat system also includes all of the expected modifiers for each tactical situation.

For the game we had a game of France versus a Ruso-Prussian force. Ed and I played the coalation and Charlie, Ralph and George played the French. We were able to kill a bunch of troops and try out some of each type of combat: ranged artillery and small arms, close combat infantry versus cavalry, cavalry versus cavalry and cavalry versus artillery. Robert left with a good pile of notes.

I believe this is the 2nd or 3rd play test of these rules I've been involved with. Each time the rules have made good amounts of improvement, and they're already fun to play. Our club is doing a lot of good creative work the past couple of years. We have at least a half dozen rule sets in various states of completion. All of this creativity has been a catalyst for a lot of great gaming.

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