Thursday, April 21, 2016

Northern Conspiracy 2016 Symposium

Last Friday night our club got together for our semi-annual symposium. This is the one night a year that we put down the figures and dice, and have presentations on various subjects. Each time we do this it's a rewarding evening. This year was no exception.

We started off with a presentation from Earl's father. Mr. Richards gave us a wonderful talk about his military service during World War II in the Navy Armed Guard. Serving in both the Atlantic and Pacific, Mr. Richards told us numerous excellent stories about his service, both combat and non-combat related.

Mike followed with a presentation on the rise and fall of Mare Nostrum - the Roman domination of the Mediterranean ocean. Mike's discussion compared the popular conclusions about the fall of Rome to a more modern interpretation. After seeing Mike's presentation I'm inclined to side with his conclusion that the more modern studies may have it right.

Following Mike all of the members participated in a round table discussion about military service, both personal experiences as well as several members discussing family members' service.  John brought in reconnaissance photos his father took while flying B-24s in Europe as well as a silk 'escape' map which was something I've never seen in person, even in a museum, let alone be able to handle. Ralph and Ed told stories about being in armour between Vietnam and the Cold War, Phil discussed his Grandfather's service in WWI and I told a couple of stories about my Grandfather's adventurers being a 'scrounge' when not on active duty.

On a personal note, sorry about the lack of posts lately. I was down with pneumonia for 3 weeks. I'm on the mend now and hopefully back to normal!


Carlo said...

Hi AJ and glad to hear you are feeling well and back on the mend. What a great idea for a wargaming club to put on a symposium such as this. Might need to do that ourselves I think. Thanks for the wonderful post.

Piotr Frąckowiak said...

Hi AJ glad your feeling good now. It was a really interesting post.