Monday, March 14, 2016

Carthaginian Medium Infantry

These are two units of Carthaginian medium infantry, made up of some left-over figures from my dead lead box. They are based up as peltasts or other such medium infantry. In Hanibal at the Gates, these will most likely be used as soldiers, but could also be pressed into service as rankers. These two units are meant to flank my red Carthaginian hoplite phalanx, one stand of which I recently posted in this post. It's the right unit in the blog post.

The figures are Old Glory. The rear figures from their medium Carthaginian infantry pack and the front skirmishing figures from their Italian medium infantry pack. The latter were selected based on their helmets, two of which were modified by removing the plumes. The shields are a mix of what comes with each bag of figures as well as some characteristic Carthaginian bronze shields from my bits box. Next up on the painting table are two stands of Roman principes to complete my white legion.


Phil said...

They look great!

The Kiwi said...

Really good. cheers