Friday, May 6, 2016

Ancients Campaign Game - The Battle of Adrianapolis

Last Saturday the gang got together to fight the second battle of our campaign - the battle of Adrianapolis. This was Greece's turn to strike back at the Levant invaders in Greece. Earl (pictured left) is the Grecian 2iC and it was his birthday. For his birthday wish he wished for a single roll of twelve (boxcars) but he, Bob and Mike did a touch better than that, scratching out a hard fought win against the Levantian force, which employs a Roman-model army. Superior in army strength 12 points to 10 at the start of the battle, in the end it came down to the last unit removed to decide it. With both armies on the brink of collapse, Greece eliminated the last Levantian unit first and won the battle. I didn't play, but was a biased bystander, advising the Greek commanders.

Mike took a page out of the Too Fat Lardies play book, and marked his casualties with skull beads. Very posh! I have to get me some of those.

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