Friday, May 6, 2016

Monmouth Play Test #2

Last Friday a bunch of us got together to help me play test my scenario for the upcoming Huzzah! convention. The game is a slight 'what if' scenario asking what if Lee's initial attack had been formed from volunteer regiments instead of just the partial regiments required by Washington's order to only employ volunteer soldiers (each soldier having to volunteer personally). This was the second test of the scenario, and although I've resolve the order of arrival and unit locations to make for a better game while still remaining historically viable, I still need to do some fine tuning on the unit sizes. My two-stand basing system for AWI obfuscates the disparity of unit size a bit too much when using the actual unit sizes. I may need to round unit sizes up/down a little to alleviate this issue. All in all, I can still use a historical OB, but will adjust sizes to the nearest whole base number to avoid confusion and allow the game to run smoother.

On an up side, I have finally resolved what was a nagging problem with the tablet interface where the tablets would occasionally freeze. We played about 20 turns with four tablets and had zero freezes. I think I finally have that one licked!

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Ray Rousell said...

Cool looking game.