Friday, July 29, 2016

Neilson House - Saratoga Battlefield

The Neilson house is the lone original building remaining on the Saratoga battlefield. According to our guide, there was also another house on the battlefield at the time of the battlefield that was similarly constructed. The plaque says this is a replica, so possibly the other one is the original. Either way, this is as accurate as you can get for a Saratoga house. This small house was the home for 11 people during the period before the battle.

According to our guide, the front porch was most likely a post-battle addition, probably done by the park service for the comfort of visitors to provide some cover during rain. The interior of the house is currently furnished as it might have been during the battle - as Benedict Arnold's headquarters. I took ample photographs of this building in hopes of making one for myself using my laser engraver.

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