Thursday, July 28, 2016

Saratoga National Park Visit

The second day of our trip was to Saratoga National Park. For those who haven't visited this park I would highly recommend it. The park is well preserved and encompasses the area for both battles (Freeman's Farm and Bemis Heights) as well as the entire American Camp at the top of Bemis heights as well as a majority of the British non-combat areas.

We hired a private tour guide, Jim who was excellent. Jim's knowledge of the battlefield was vast, including being up to date on current interpretations from various sources and authors. Jim wore an authentic Canadian Coureur de Bois reenactor's uniform to add to the ambiance of the day. Jim had experience playing boardgame wargames and tailored some of his explanations to our hobby for us which was fantastic.

My only regret is that I took very few good photos of the battlefield terrain itself. For more photos, you can see the photos from my previous visit to the battlefield here. Amazingly enough, our guide Jim was also at the battlefield that day as my previous photos show. This was a fantastic day, even bearing to mind the oppressive 95-degree heat.

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