Friday, December 2, 2016

28mm Late-War British Weapons Teams

These are some late-war British infantry weapons teams, including some of the Bren guns needed for my last batch of infantry. I still have more Bren gun teams to paint to catch up on what I was short, but these are what I had on hand at the time. Since I only had two teams (4 figures) of Bren gunners, I tossed in a pack of Piat teams and a pack of Vickers medium machine guns to make painting the figures a bit more time efficient.

All figures are West Wind, purchased from Old Glory. Apologies for the large variance in the lighting quality of the photos, the weather conditions were challenging today for photography, but with winter coming, it's catch as catch can on that front.

One bag of West Wind Vickers MMGs contains two teams worth of figures, one on the march and one deployed. The deployed team has a separate model for the gun while the walking team is carrying it broken down. I'm not sure if I'll use this as a single team, swapping out the poses as appropriate or as two teams. The latter is most likely. 

 The desperately needed Bren gun teams. Only two teams of four total figures. These are a partial pack of left-over figures. More have been ordered and received and will see the painting table soon.

 One bag of West Wind Piat gunners contains eight figures - enough for four teams. That's probably more than I'll ever need. There's no sense in having a couple-odd unpainted figures rattling about in the dead lead collection, so I painted them all. I'm starting to do that more and more. It helps keep the oddball unpainted 'dead lead' under control.

Previously I had based all of my team weapon figures individually based and marked each figure's base with a colored rock to indicate the type of heavy weapon. After further thought this method seemed very clunky and would likely be confusing to others when I hosted games with these figures. I chose to base all of these teams together on team sized bases. Now that I have chosen to do this, I'll need to re-base many of my team figures.  Having all of my British figures on hand for this project, I re-based the other British team weapons similarly. These included my previously painted Bren gun teams as well as Commando Vickers MMG, Bren and Piat teams that I previously purchased off of Ebay. Total effort logged for this job is 19 figures painted and 5 stands re-based.


Dannoc said...

Very nice. Great effect all round.
What colour have you done the webbing? I'm always a little confused by the colour required as I have seen many variations on both Miniatures and pictures from a lighter colour to a green shade.
Im working on 15mm British Paras at the moment and have gone with a faded Khaki but some pictures show more of a green look. I'm assuming green when new faded when used!

Great photos.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Vallejo Stone Gray - # 104 (or 70.884). I've always used that since the old Flames of War / Battlefront days. It's what they recommended in their color guides and I seem to like it a lot. Just the right amount of green in it.

Phil said...

Fantastic job, great looking minis!