Friday, March 24, 2017

Northern Conspiracy March 2017 Game Night

Tonight was our club's monthly game night. Although our club usually has mostly historical games, tonight I played in a rare Science-Fiction game - Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures hosted by Ralph. Something in this game must have scratched an itch because it was very popular as you can see by the Imperial players at the table in the photo to the left.

Ralph set this up as a series of small introductory games with the first being with 'vanilla' pilots without upgrades - your basic X-wing on Tie Fighter duel with two tables of 4 Ties vs. 2 X-wings. After that we played a second game with each player getting some upgrades and a final game with upgrades and 'Ace' pilots with pilot skills. The games were fun and fast. Everyone seemed to pick up on the rules quickly.

Some close-up of the game and models which come pre-painted are below.

Mike ran a dark ages skirmish game using Saga rules. These are relatively new to our club and the game looked quite fun. I'm looking forward to giving Saga a try.

John ran a 15mm ACW game. Apologies to John as his game was in the dark end of the room and my camera had trouble getting good photos of his table. 

Sorry for the brief report, I'm heading out of town tomorrow for a week's vacation so I wanted to get this out before I left. Thanks to everyone who ran great games.

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