Friday, May 12, 2017

Battle of Dybboll, 28 May, 1849

My friend Ed M. from Ed M's Wargames Meanderings Blog and fellow Northern Conspirator, invited several of us to his home last Friday to play test his game for he's hosting at this month's club game night. The game was a post-Napoleonic scenario from the 1st Schleswig-Holstein War (1848/49). Ed thinks this conflict is much more interesting for wargamers than the more well known and popular 2nd Schleswig-Holstein War due to the former having many more 'fair fights'. This scenario represented the Battle of Dybbol, 28 May, 1849 which featured Danish and Prussian forces in a back-and-forth battle over several days. The scenario represents the final phase of the conflict. For a more detailed report of the battle with additional annotated photographs, I cannot more highly recommend you read Ed's report over on his blog.

The figures, all painted by Ed recently for his upcoming 'Chocolate Box Wars' project were beautiful, and masterfully selected from many different lines from several manufacturers. I'm very much looking forward to more games with these figures and Ed's Chocolate Box Wars rules.

Bob and Ralph were on the attack as the Prussians, with George and I defending a line of three towns with the Danes. George's plan was for us to defend our right flank as heavily as possible as that's where we expected the main attack. Even with shifting right, Ralph and Bob did a great job of wearing both of our commands down eventually securing two of the three towns with the third sure to fall very soon when George and I capitulated. Well played by Bob and Ralph.

More eye candy below of the game in progress. Thanks to Ed for hosting such a fun and pretty game.

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