Monday, May 22, 2017

Special Board Game Session

I've had a loss in the family recently and my good friends Mike, Scott and Josh decided to come up to play some board games and visit. There was pizza, margaritas and root beer floats to help make the evening even better. Since it was a week night we chose two shorter games. We started off with a co-operative game, Dungeon Fighter. This is a fun beer-and-pretzels game of throwing dice onto a board, sometimes with unusual requirements, like doing it blind, or over the shoulder. The game came down to the last turn with the last roll only needing to hit the board. Mike, who had been fantastic all night blowing dice off his hand for extra damage, took the 'easy' shot of a normal roll......which didn't make it to the board! We all die! AIIEIEEEEEEEEEEeeeee...... Still very close to a win and good silly fun.

The second game was a more traditional competitive game, Explorers of the North Sea. A Viking themed ocean exploration game, this game to me is Carcassone, fixed and with more fun. Scott schooled us all with a 'collect all the livestock' strategy and judicious island control. I ended up a distant second with a less focused approach.

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