Monday, May 21, 2018

28mm WWII German Support Teams (2)

These will be the last WWII German support teams for quite a while, possibly forever. These two teams are the last support teams in my German WWII army 'dead lead' pile. On the left a second 120mm heavy mortar to go with the one I painted earlier making a two stand platoon. On the right a 21cm Nebelwerfer 42 rocket launcher. The latter I had to have, both because it's so characteristically German and because the actual soldiers in the Band of Brothers documentary 'Why we fight' specifically mentioned it by its nickname, the 'Screaming Meemie' because of the shrieking sound the rockets made.

Both stands got another coat of Testors Dullcote after photographing as they still had a bit of sheen left on them from the gloss undercoat I use to protect the figures. I'm counting these two stands as eight figures in my painting totals. All figures are Warlord Games purchased from my friend Gordon at Adler Hobby. Next up for figures on the Painting table are some Luftwaffe field division infantry, also from Warlord Games. Next up for vehicles, the last of the German armor - a pair of Hetzers.

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