Tuesday, June 12, 2018

28mm Luftwaffe Field Division Squads

This is two squads/boxes of Warlord's Luftwaffe Field Division figures that I've just completed painting. I've gone with Vallejo Luftwaffe Uniform (#816) for the uniforms. The lighting wasn't great for photography, so the uniforms look very grey, you can trust me they're just the right shade of blue. Vallejo #816 is perfect in my opinion. For the splinter cammo on the smocks and tent halves I've gone with multiple sharp angle shapes and omitted the rain drops. In 28mm I wasn't confident I could make them look correct.

I've based these up singly similar to all my other WWII skirmish figures with the exception of the LMG. Since he was prone, and Bolt Action likes to know which figure the loader is, I decided to mount the loader on the SMG stand. For Iron Cross it doesn't matter, so this basing works for both of my favorite skirmish rule sets.

These 20 figures put my painted figure total back over my purchased painted figure total for the year. Next up on the blog, something special. Check back tomorrow!

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