Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Luftwaffe Colonel and Seargent

When I found this pack of personality figures at Stoessi's Miniatures I new I had to have them. Growing up obsessed with watching Hogan's Heroes as a kid made Shultz and Klink part of my start in wanting to learn about WWII history.

I haven't done as good of a job painting these as the fantastic sample figures shown on the Stoessi's Miniatures website, but I think I've done a respectable job with them. I put some extra time into the faces and highlighting the uniforms. With them a miscellaneous figure from I believe early Warlord (pre Bolt-Action) that I just wanted to get out of the dead lead pile.

Schultz is seen in the TV series with Heer emblems on his helmet and collar tags. I've painted him with green Luftwaffe field division collar tags to match my previously posted figures.

Next up on the painting table are a pair of Hetzer tanks for vehicles. For figures on the table are the last of the Luftwaffe field division troops I will be painting. This last batch will be armed with the deadly Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle. I hadn't intended to have a lot of STG44-armed figures, but when I got to the bottom of my lead pile, somehow I had more of them than I thought. Not a problem for Iron Cross, and for Bolt Action, they're a useful asset when desired. Between the Hetzers and the infantry, I'm unsure which will get finished first.

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Ed M said...

Fine brushwork—Klink und Schulz are quite recognizable. Schulz and his tag line about knowing nothing was a favorite of my Dad, a German immigrant of a similar age who shared Schulz’s “physique”