Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Lithuanian Hearthguards for Saga

These are two points of Lithuanian hearthguard for my Eastern Princes Saga army. The figures are Old Glory's ME-37 Lithuanian Light Cavalry from their Mongols in Europe line. Side to side with Gripping Beast these are quite compatible. Gripping Beast figures are a bit more stout, but size is similar for height. Shield transfers are more Little Big Man transfers.

Although these are sold as 'light cavalry', the Lithuanians used hides and leather armor almost exclusively during the early part of this period, so I'm comfortable with calling these hearthguards. They'll also be appropriate for mounted warriors should I choose to field the Lithuanians using a Mongol list representing the Lithuanian forces that fought the Mongols primarily on horseback. I'm counting these as 16 figures in the painting totals. Next up on the painting table are some scenario objectives for the Saga escort scenario.

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Unknown said...

Excellent figures and basing!