Saturday, December 15, 2018

NROW Game at Charlie's

Last night my friend Charlie invited a group of us to his gaming loft to play a game of Napoleon's Rules of War. Charlie is working on version two of the rules and had some changes he wanted to test. The general consensus was overwhelmingly positive. Charlie has made improvements in the combat resolution matrix and to national doctrine differences.

For the game I was placed in the French center. I've mostly played Austrians lately, so playing French gave me a fresh perspective. Ralph and Rob made a big push towards my left flank, right of Earl's battery. I reinforced this area with one reserve battalion and a field battery. With Earl's help we held up to Rob's initial attacks, but as our artillery ammunition ran low, Ralph's second wave of the white menace was much more successful, mostly eliminating my forces in that area. To my right I had slightly more success helping Byron eliminate two of Charlie's units. At the end it appeared that the Austrians had the better of the battle with a good solid center.

Byron's cavalry was mostly in tact, so if it were a real battle. disengaging safely would probably have been an option for the French. As far as casualties went Rob on the Austrian side and I on the French side suffered the highest losses. Fun game, great evening with friends. Thanks Charlie!

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Mark Decoteau said...

Looks like a great game! Sorry I missed it. Sounds like the rule modifications are working out well.