Monday, October 14, 2019

More 28mm Russian Militia Crossbowmen

This is the completed unit of Fireforge City Militia Archers that I converted to crossbowmen previously shown in a WIP post. These figures were painted for the Saga Thorsday painting contest announced in their most recent video.

These Fireforge resin figures gave me some trouble. Some of that was completely my fault and was a result of me being a very amateur sculpter and figure converter. If I had a chance to do this project again I would have made some different decisions in re-posing and re-sculpting the figures. The rest of the trouble was due to the texture and flaws in the resin. I normally do a process of base coloring, washes, then highlighting. For these figures I was afraid washes might bring out the wrong detail, so they were only used on the fleshy bits. Instead of washes I used more dry-brushing and intentional highlighting.

I'm super happy with the faces on these, and they look the part on the table. I'm proud enough with them to submit them to Rodge at Saga Thorsday for his contest. This adds twelve 28mm figures to this year's painting totals. Next up on the painting table are some Crusader Cavalry and a ruin terrain piece for Saga.


For the contest, here's the obligatory 'thumbs up' from Rodge photo!


Ed M said...

They look like contenders to me! Nice.

Ray Rousell said...

Beautifully painted Sir!