Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wright Con 2019

This past weekend Mike, Josh, Scott and I took Friday off from work and binged on two full days of board gaming for my birthday. Wright Con 2019 was GREAT! Any time you can board game with friends instead of a day of work is a day well spent. Topping it off with a full second day of gaming on Saturday, luxury!

Friday morning Mike's daughter Maria came up and proceeded to kick our butts at Roll for the Galaxy, one of our favorite games. She used the produce and ship for victory point strategy. She got her 'engine' running much faster than I did and beat me at the same strategy I was using. I got in a few wins, but all of the games were close. We played a bunch of favorites, Caribbien, Power Grid with fixed power plant deck and the France expansion board, Lords of Waterdeep, Merchants and Marauders, Evo (first edition), Age of War, and at the end of the day on Saturday Scott's girlfriend, her son and my wife Lori all joined us for a seven player game of Seven Wonders. Before dinner Lori and I had to sit out for a game while our dog was having some health issues, but the rest of the crew played a raucous game of Dungeon Fighter.

After Scott and his group left Mike, Josh and I finished the weekend off with a game of King of New York that I picked up on clearance from the local wargames shop. This is another game in the King of line and consensus was that the silly Japanese Monster Movie Themed game is better than our previous favorite, King of Tokyo due to having a bit stronger theming, allowing the monsters to not only fight each other, but crush buildings and military units defending the city. Even the Statue of Liberty gets into the fray!

Another HUGE thanks to all my friends who made the drive up to New Hampshire, stayed the night and gamed their asses off for two whole days. The whole thing made me feel young again!

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Ed M said...

Happy Birthday, AJ--couldn't think of a better way to celebrate one!