Saturday, March 7, 2020

28mm Ruin for Saga, Generic Barricades

This is a 28mm 'ruin' that I've scratch built to use in Saga games. The two larger pieces are 'Ruins B' and 'Ruins D' pieces from Renedra Ltd. The rest of the pieces are scratch built from hand-cut foam blocks, loose stone and sand. The entire piece is also over-sprayed with sand-texture paint to make it look a lot less 'plastic'.

The two larger walls are magnetized. They can easily be removed for transportation, or to accommodate figures during play. The entire piece is just over the minimum size for a ruin as prescribed by the Saga rule set.

These are the Battlefield in a Box Wartorn Village Barricades from Gale Force Nine. These come pre-painted, and to be honest, can be easily used as-is out of the box. I took a little bit of time to re-dress some of the pieces. These come factory painted in four basic colors with a white dry-brush over nearly the entire piece. I over-brushed this white dry brush on all of the wood pieces using varied colors. I also re-painted the fence piece and put a wash over all the stone pieces to tone down the over-done white dry brush. Easy job, to turn a piece that was a solid 7/10 to 9/10. I didn't have good barricades in my collection and these easily work from dark ages all the way through WWII. Since this was only a touch-up job, I'm counting these four pieces as one 'terrain/misc.' in my annual totals.

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