Thursday, September 24, 2020

28mm Destroyed Cottage Terrain Pieces

These are six pieces of resin terrain that I've had for about 20 years. I'm not entirely sure of the manufacturer. They'll make a good set of 'ruins' terrain for Saga, but they can also be used for any period from the dark ages through WWII. 

I've given these some age with some green algae growth on the bottom of the walls. I was going for a 'burned down years ago' look. Some of the walls can be put together into larger corner pieces in multiple different configurations.

My favorite piece in this set is the fireplace piece. I think of it as the 'scene of the crime'. 

This will count as 6 'terrain/misc' created in the annual totals.

1 comment:

Jim Jackaman said...

Useful bits those...I can see lots of potential for some skirmish action!