Wednesday, September 16, 2020

28mm Macedonian Generals

The past few of my streams I have been working on these 28mm Macedonian general figures. They're from the Warlord Games SPQR range and are the Macedonian Heroes pack.

The personalities include Alexander himself on his horse with the leopard skin horse blanket he's always pictured with. This was my first attempt at leopard skin. I like the effect, but future attempts will include more spots.  I'm counting these as six figures in my painting totals due to the horses (as I usually do for cavalry)

I also worked on a test piece for what will eventually be six 'ruined cottage' terrain pieces. These are some very old, manufacturer unknown resin pieces I bought most likely about 20 years ago. They'll be useful for Saga as 'ruins' or any period medieval to WWII as ruined buildings. I will be finishing the other 5 pieces of the set on a future stream.

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