Sunday, December 6, 2020

28mm Baleric Slingers for Saga Age of Hannibal

Another unit of mercenaries for Saga Age of Hannibal. These are eight Baleric slingers. They're from Warlord Games Hail Cesar line. I tried experimenting with mixing the brighter colored GW contrast paints with some of the light browns to make some of the colors more muted to represent ancient plant-based dyes. I think they came out well. 

I still need to base them but I'm under four hours for the eight figures, and I'm happy with how they came out. Eight more figures added to my annual painting totals.


AdamC1776 said...

Very Nice work

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Thank you Adam

James Fisher said...

These are beaut, animated figures and your painting and shading is exquisite!
Regards, James