Friday, December 4, 2020

28mm Ligurians for Saga Age of Hannibal

These are eight Old Glory Ligurians. I still have to base them up, but the painting is complete. Shield transfers are LBMS. 

I've painted these up as mercenaries for Saga age of Hannibal. I'm not entirely sure which army I'm going to paint up, so I decided to start with some decent mercenary units instead of picking core troops to work on.

Eight figures for the 2020 painting totals.

Next up on the painting table, some more Saga Age of Hannibal mercenaries: Baleric Slingers.


Ed M said...

Looking good, AJ—the shield transfers really elevate them from the last time you showed them in the club zoom

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Thanks Ed. They got some additional detail work after you saw them as well. The transfers do help the overall look a lot, I agree.