Friday, January 29, 2021

Saga Age of Hannibal - Carthage vs. Rome Game

 My friend Mike hosted a Saga Age of Hannibal game for my friend Greg and I yesterday as part of his 'virtual Saga campaign'. Mike is doing an amazing job of hosting the tabletop battle, supplying the miniatures and moving the figures while two players play virtually through his hands. 

Greg was a great opponent, and his Romans are tough and he plays them well. For a second game in a row I got more mileage out of my levy bowmen than they should get thanks to the Carthaginian 'Eagle Eye' ability. Greg had both of my Elephants near exhaustion multiple times, and easily dispatched my warlord, who recklessly chased away the much feared Cretan archer mercenaries.

Great to have a fulfilling tabletop experience thanks to Mike's great game mastering. This is unedited footage. There are some visitors watching along who comment from time to time.

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Matt Crump said...

Good to see you re getting some gaming in 👍