Thursday, December 4, 2008

Queens Loyal Rangers and Redoubt

Giles over at Tarleton's Quarter recently posted some photos of some of his excellent terrain pieces and that reminded me that I should do the same over here on my blog. This is the first of such posts. I'm also showing some figures I painted up a while ago that get a lot of use in my games, my Queen's Loyal Rangers.

The redoubt was scratch built by my friend James Gibbons in trade for some modeling work I did for him. We had a good system of exchanging time for time equally trading specialties. I received some excellent terrain like this redoubt, James received several 1/72 scale WWI aircraft models to use in his wargames. It was a great trade. The redoubt is sized for 25mm figures and features a firing step, and also an artillery embrasure with removeable gun platform.

The Queen's Loyal Rangers unit has both a formed stand, as well as two separate skirmish stands. Like most of my AWI figures, depending on the scale I use for my V&B games, the stands can represent the Queen's Rangers in all V&B scales by using a single skirmish stand, two skirmish stands, the formed stand, or all three stands. A lot of my close-up photos don't show my painting style in the best light as I use heavy highlights and washes to give a good tabletop look. The photo below of the Rangers in the redoubt gives a better impression of how this look works on the tabletop.


Andy McMaster said...


Nice redoubt there. I'm in the process of planning to think about making some similar models for my 15mm AWI. Was this model based on any particular reference? I've been looking for suitable images online to use as a guide.

Been collecting the wooden stirrers from our local coffee bar to use in construction as well!

Nice figures as well. Would really love to se some good Queens Rangers in 15mm as well.



AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I'm not sure what James used for references, but I think he definitely used the book 'Fortress' about Vaubon construction. This is not a replica of any particular fortification though. I did want something I could use for Bennington (since it's so close by). I have another smaller one I'll be showing later as well.

For 15mm, just use regular British light infantry, that's all these are. They look close enough to me!

Thanks for the kind words,

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I just checked Amazon, and Fortress isn't listed there so it might be out of print. My copy is pretty old.

This looks good:

Of course you wouldn't model the fort itself, just the forward earthworks. That would more closely resemble quick field fortifications of the AWI. In reality, I think they're probably even more improvised.

I live less than 60 miles from Bunker Hill, but unfortunately it's now completely developed except for the monument.