Saturday, December 6, 2008

V&B Road to Glory Rules Question

This is just a quick post about a rules question I'm going to be asking on the V&B mailing list. Since Yahoo Groups doesn't allow picture attachments to the e-mails sent to the mailing list, and I'm not savvy about posting to the Yahoo groups files section, I thought I'd just post my photo here and ask the question on the list and point the list membership here to view the photos. The figures are some random V&B stands from my French and Italian Napoleonic armies. I used them for this photo because they were handy.

My question revolves around the changes that are a result of the last sentence of rule 10.3.2 Advances After Combat which reads, "A victorious unit may not advnace to contact an enemy unit, and must stop a quarter inch away from it." add to the new version of the rules. In the situation where two lines of troops meet and one unit loses a melee and retreats (see photo above), our intrepretation of the first edition of the rules was that unit B above would be allowed to occupy position X vacated by unit 2. According to the new rule, this would be prohibited by the 1/4" non-advance zone shown from the neighboring units (see below). My question is simply is this an intended outcome, or was the 1/4" prohibition only intended to apply to the front face of enemy units?

Update, December 8th: For the curious, here's the answer I got from Frank Chadwick, the author of V&B: "Correct. It was actually never my intention that stands be able to advance into contact after melee, but that was not clear from the 1st edition rules. -- Frank" It's great to have such a quick and concise response from the rules author. Thanks Frank!

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