Thursday, November 5, 2009

Napoleonic Campaign - First Battle Announced

My new Napoleonic campaign has generated its first battle, the battle of Muttenz. Located centrally in the hypothetical countryside of the campaign. The small village of Muttenz holds a key location on the northern end of two crossroads. Here is the battle announcement my players received:

"In the late morning hours of day two of the campaign, advance elements of the French 2nd light cavalry division approaching from Burgdorf, contacted pickets from a multi-corps Austrian force defending the area surrounding the village of Muttenz. The Austrian force is commanded by Erzherzog Karl, CinC of the combined allied forces. At approximately noon a multi-corps French force under the command of Marshal Rousse will commence a general engagement of the Austrian forces defending Muttenz."

In addition to this general announcement that all players and ADCs received, each team received specific intelligence about their forces in the battle and a general scouting evaluation of the enemy forces. Unfortunately I can't divulge this sort of information here in this public forum.

We're currently working out a date that best suits most of the primary participants. I hope that we'll get good participation from both our primary players and our ADCs, who get to be corps commanders in the larger battles where we need more players. This should be a fun battle. Look for battle report here after the game is played.

Edit: We've scheduled this first game for November 22nd. I'll be sure to post an after-action report after the game.

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Andy McMaster said...

Oooh! A battle. Excellent. Will look forward to the AAR. Have just been tempted back to Napoleonics but with Grande Armee and 6mm.