Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Roman Triarii for FOG

These are two battle groups of Roman Triarii I painted up for my mid-Republican Roman Field of Glory army. Normally they'll probably see service as four battle groups of two stands each, but in order to allow me to use them in larger groups I painted them up in four-stand units. The figures are Old Glory 15s . I used a basic block painting technique with dry-brushing and Citadel black wash. The wash came out a touch too dark for my tastes, but I'm going to just think of them as 'dirty, weathered veterans'. These are only the second ancients I've painted after a long hiatus, so I'm still getting a feel for the period.

I've finished these just in time for them to be used this Saturday in another battle in our FOG campaign. Hopefully they'll perform well on the tabletop. Sorry for the rough photos. This time of year in New Hampshire, I go to work before the sun comes up and I get home after it sets, so I have to take my photos indoors, and lighting is always a problem for close-up photos of miniatures indoors for me. Some day I'll construct a proper light booth for such occasions. Until then I'm stuck with dodgy photos. The next ancients will be either some Roman cavalry, or some extraordinarii -- I need more of both.


Andy McMaster said...

Excellent units! Glad to see them at last. Hope the battle on Saturday goes well enough that you'll not need to call on their services! :)


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

True, if you're throwing in the Triarii the battle is most likely already lost!

Scott MacPhee said...

Looking good! I don't think they look too dark at all.