Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Battle of Tarentum II

This was a busy weekend for me as far as wargaming goes. Friday we had our bi-annual club business meeting, Sunday I hosted the Napoleonic campaign game from my previous post, and Saturday I visited my friend Mike's home to play this game. This is a mid-battle photo of the third game in our ancients campaign, the Second Battle of Tarentum. After the first battle of Tarentum, the defeated and outnumbered Romans retreated north to the safety of an approaching veteran legion. Once the two legions joined up they counter-marched back to Tarentum to meet Hannibal on Roman terms. On paper, this looked to be a very one-sided fight, but the Carthaginians have fought valiantly, particularly their lights, who have destroyed several battle groups Velites single handedly. Both armies still have a lot of fight left in them.  Here's a summary of the current situation from the other Roman player, Mike,

On the Carthaginian side Randy, Charlie and Leo played a great game - although outnumbered, they gave as good as they got.
On the first turn the Roman flank march on the Roman left/Carthaginian right came on. The remnants are fighting for their lives hoping to be saved by the velites, cavalry and extrodinarii coming to their rescue. On that flank the Cartho's lost their all of their cavalry and a Spanish BG. On the Roman right/Carthaginian left the Numidian remnants are being forced off the field. The Carthaginian spear line were the heroes this day. They've destroyed several Roman BG's while only one of theirs is broken - but still on the field. The Spanish have also shown their mettle in the woods and fields of this battleground.
Now Hannibal needs to decide whether to fight on or fade away. His spear line is holding strong but taking pressure from the right. The Roman flank march was destroyed but in the process the Carthaginian right flank is in jeopardy. The Numidian allies are on the run.

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