Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fort McHenry - Birthplace of the US National Anthem

Francis Scott Key wrote the poem that would become our national anthem while sequestered on a ship in the Baltimore harbor during a British attack on the Fort McHenry and the city of Baltimore in 1814 as part of the war of 1812. We visited the fort, which is now a National Park, during our recent vacation to Baltimore and Washington DC. Although I was aware of the fort's significance during the war of 1812 and was aware that it was an active post during the Civil War, one thing I learned during my visit was that the fort was also used as a hospital during the first world war.

The pentagonal Vauban fort is impeccably preserved, and while we were there we were given additional information on the forts original smooth bore  Rodman guns (the largest of which were installed in 1868 after the civil war) and carriages by one of the many park rangers who make themselves available on the fort grounds, even in the 90+ degree heat that was present during our visit. I visit a lot of National Park battlefields and this is definitely one I would recommend. They're also currently building a new visitor's center which will be very nice.  Also of interest to us wargamers is a lovely 6mm diorama of the fort in the current visitors center. I hope they preserve it and bring it over to the new center.

If you're visiting either Baltimore or Washington DC, I'd put fort McHenry on your must do list.


Chris said...

I enthusiastically second your recommendation for people to visit the fort. I grew up in Baltimore and always loved my visits there.

Lickwars Men said...

very cool. i like your wargames, very interesting, please take a look at my blog, i'm brand new to wargaming and i would like your opinion.

thanks -aaron

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I'd love to visit if I ever I got the chance.Thank you for sharing and keep them coming.


Galpy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and very interesting but can't see myself flying half way around the world. Sounds like you had a great holiday