Saturday, June 12, 2010


My friend Mike and I ran our Magnesia Field of Glory (FOG) scenario last night at our monthly club game night event. Although the game was designed for eight players, because of the nice summer weather game night attendence was low and we only ended up with five players. Mike stepped in as a sixth player and he and one of our play testers, Michael each took two commands since they were the most experienced players.

The game went well, although since we were short handed we didn't get to play as many turns as we had hoped. A FOG game of this size without all players being experienced with the rules might be better played during one of our game days where we have an extended session to allow for the extra time we need. We did get six turns played with some significant outcomes. On the far flank Michael and Mike sparred with the Michael, playing the Romans getting the better of the scrums routing two of Mike's units while only losing a single light cavalry unit of his own. On that flank the Roman gains put them in a position to continue to press that flank well.  In the center the scythed chariots killed some legionaries but the Romans held firm thanks to good cohesion test rolls by their commander Bob. On the near flank the Romans held up the advance of the Seleucid pike blocks by holding firm against numerous light horse charges with a single battle group of Velites! Also in this area the single battle group of Roman poor elephants defeated one Seleucid Cataphrac unit while another was routed by the Roman legions in the battle line thanks to the disorder caused by the nearby elephants.

We called the game with the Seleucid army having four units routed or destroyed while the Roman army had lost only a single unit. Given some more time the battle could easily have turned either way. Hopefully we'll get a change to play this game again in the future at a time where we have a longer session available. In the meantime we'll be playing more FOG and hopefully getting more players up to speed on the rules. Our next FOG endeavor looks like it's shaping up to be a First Punic War campaign, complete with naval battles.

More photos from the game can be found below, and on the Northern Conspiracy Photo pages.

Left: the Seleucid commanders, Ed, Phil and Mike.  Right: the Roman commanders, Michael, Bob and Leo


Dan said...

Looks like a very good battle. Im very new to the hobby and just recently got the FOG rule book. Now Im looking to start building an army and playing. I have a possible dumb question. What are the sheets that each of the players have in front of them. I assume its some sort of reference or OOB sheet, just curious. Thanks!

Phil B said...

Nice stuff Al - looks like a great battle. I'll check out the photos!

Dan - they look like playsheets containing the most used tables for reference. POA's, movement, etc.

You can get them from the official FOG website. I've also got them somewhere on my blog.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

There's software on the official site to generate OBs. The sheets are printouts from that software as well as the QRS sheets, which are also available at the official site for download.

Monty said...

In photo #2, I'm reminded of the saying, "everything goes better with beer!" Nice battle report and I especially like the custom river tiles.