Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Magnesia This Friday

Just a quick note as to why there hasn't been any posts as of late. I'm busy preparing for the big Magnesia game this Friday. Unfortunately all of the work is the non-glamorous and not particularly blog-worth stuff: organizing the figures, printing out QRS sheets, putting all the terrain in bins to travel, etc. Look for a tasty update about the game early next week.


Galpy said...

Hi AJ I'm having a few probs with my email your server has block me as spam I'm trying to fix it other than that Ill put a list on my blog of the minatures I'll let you know first

Alfrik said...

Takes me back to think about massive Ancients battles. Mainly do large Fantasy battles now but still have my old WRG armies.

Phil B said...

Looking forward to hearing more about this and seeing some pictures.

Also - the pictures of Macedonia vs Persia battle report are now up on my blog (as requested!)