Wednesday, August 18, 2010

15mm Paint Shack Commission

I had been corresponding with Kent over at the 15mm Paint Shack blog about doing some painting for me. After saving up some of my pin money I finally was able to send him a couple of pike blocks for my Seleucid FOG army and a unit of Xystophoroi cavalry for my Atillid Pergamene allies for my Roman army. Today when I logged in I noticed a new update on his blog with photos of the first completed pike block. To say I'm happy with the work would be a total understatement. These figures look FANTASTIC! No only are they exceptionally painted, but Kent has been fantastic in his communication and has fulfilled all of my requests and succeeded my expectations as far as the quality of his work is concerned. Well done Kent! I can't wait to see the second pike unit.

I've also been discussing having Kent paint up some 28mm AWI figures for me as a future commission. Kent offered to paint up a sample figure since I was already shipping figures to him. The figure I sent him is a 28mm British officer from Old Glory. Kent's blog entry included photos of the completed sample figure, one of which I've shown here. As you can see the "15mm Paint Shack" definitely isn't limited to 15mm painting. This figure is stunning. If you were considering sending your figures to China for painting, you might benefit from sending your figures to Kent in New Zealand instead.


Galpy said...

Hi Aj can you have a look at my blog

how to paint 15mm macedonians
and see if this is the linen colour you want or more towards the white cheers

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

That linen color looks good to me Kent.

Giles said...

I really would have thought that Macedonian was 25mm - very well done. I like the AWI officer too. Those Old Glory command figures can be a bit of a pain to get right, but this one has turned out quite nicely. Money well spent, AJ.

Bets wishes