Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seleucid Elephants (2)

This is the second battle group of elephants I've painted for my Seleucid army. The first was posted in my first seleucid battle groups post. Since the first battle group was made from Essex figures, I thought it was a good idea to stick with fine Essex lead for this second battle group. Elephant models vary widely in size between manufacturers and I feared switching to another manufacturer would cause me problems with this.

This battle group has blue blankets on the elephants instead of the brick read blankets that the first group has. Other than that I attempted to keep the crew fairly similar on the off chance that I might want to field them as a group of four some time. This probably isn't advisable in Field of Glory, but could be desirable in other rule sets in the future.

I was suffering a touch of burn out when it comes to figure painting. Between my WWII Finnish project and getting ready for the huge Magnesia game, I put a lot more time in at the painting table this spring than I normally do. I've spent some time since then working on other aspects of this and my other hobbies to help cure that. Starting back at the painting table with this small battle group is my way of easing back into things. Next up on the painting table I think I'll do something else to spice things up. I'm not sure what quite yet. Possible some 28mm AWI, or WWI.


Giles said...

Nice work, AJ. I love the decoration on the foreheads/trunks.

We all have painting slumps. Ofen a change is really as good as a rest, and I'm sure your mojo will return pretty quickly.

Best wishes


Galpy said...

The elephants are looking real nice i to like how you've decorated the trunks, Stick in there. And let the fun of the hobbie drive you remmeber how much you enjoy seeing your own work on the table top. life has it's hard times but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel probably held by a wee fella on top of one of your elephants.

Alfrik said...

You can never have enough elephants!