Sunday, August 29, 2010


Flames of War released their new early war rule and army list book entitled Blitzkrieg this past week. Gordon from Adler Hobby is starting an escalation league at his store as soon as enough lead is made available for people to build their 600-point starting forces. Since there are some mid-war figures and vehicles that are valid for use during the early war period, some of us are getting a jump on things as we can and starting to work on our army lists and even painting up some figures and vehicles from the currently available choices. Those who choose to start with a core based on one of the already available boxed set are definitely getting the jump on the rest of us.

Gordon held an open house for the escalation league this past Saturday which I attended. I was able to pick up the new rule book and because Adler Hobby has such a huge stock of Flames of War figures I was even able to pick up two of the support platoons for my early war company which will be a Leichte Pionierkompanie (mechanized pioneer company). My other Flames of War force is my late war Finnish infantry company, so I wanted to choose something for early war that had more 'toys' in it. The mechanized pioneers have that in spades: light tanks, StuG A assault guns which are in early war nearly the Tiger is for mid-war, panzerJager SP AT guns, half-track mounted light AA guns, Stukas, 88s and a motorcycle infantry recon platoon. The only difficulty is choosing which toys to take! Well more on that after I finish my current WIP, a unit of 28mm AWI figures. Until then enjoy the photos below showing Gordon's excellent store and the new Blitzkrieg book cover. Note Adler Hobby has so much Flames of War stock I couldn't even get it all in one photograph!

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adlernest said...

I had a great time chating with you AJ we're going to have a blast playing early war cant wait!
Thanks for the kind words