Thursday, May 19, 2011

British Heavy Armoured Platoon

It's been a very busy week this week starting off with getting ready for and attending Huzzah! then working on my laser to make templates for a customer, getting ready to host a game this Saturday at my club's game day and getting ready for Thursday night at Adler hobby by working on my mid-war British armoured squadron.

These are three Grant tanks which will form a heavy armoured platoon for my mid-war British Desert Rats. There are two Grant tanks and one Grant tank with the Lee MG turret. Since these are a support platoon for my light armoured squadron, I decided to paint them up in a scheme that is different from my Crusader tanks. The image below on the left is the scheme I was trying to emulate when painting these tanks up. Since my primer was a good match for the darker tan, I started with that and added the lighter sand colour and the chocolate brown on top. As with my other tanks I 'chipped' the decals with the sponge technique.

The radio aerials are .010" carbon fiber rod. I'm not entirely sure putting them there is accurate. I'm guessing that the mount point I used was actually intended for a turret mounted exterior MG. The mount point looked silly empty so I filled it with the aerials. If people give me too much guff about them I can always remove them later. 

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Giles said...

Beautifully painted, AJ. The colours look spot on.