Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cedar Mountain at Huzzah!

Yesterday I ran my Cedar Mountain ACW V&B game at the Huzzah! convention. I was hoping for five players, but ended up with four, which is plenty for this small scenario.

This scenario was designed to be able to be played to completion in about two to two and a half hours. Readers of the blog will recognize it from my previous posts. The scenario starts off at 10:00 as both armies are about to enter general battle.  The photo above is a couple of turns into the game after each army has had a chance to advance into position. Possession of the cross roads is the goal for each army with the smaller and poorer quality Union army having the advantage of being able to reach the crossroads first and defend them. As the game starts everything is at a tipping point. Usually the army that gains early successes is able to press those to a significant victory. Such was the case with this game.

Below, photos of the players. On the left the Union including Conspirator Robert and Adler Hobby regular Keith. On the right the Union players who's names I've shamefully forgotten - my sincere apologies.

The game started out with an across the board attack by the Confederates. With only eight turns until darkness they felt significant pressure to take the crossroads from the smaller Union force. Unfortunately for the Confederates their attacks against the center resulted in several of their brigades being turned back in rout. On each flank they enjoyed some success which the Union was forced to react to. With the center no longer in jeopardy the Union was able to press there while deploying their dismounted cavalry and reserve artillery to the flanks solidifying their position. The Confederates pressed home several additional attacks, but with their numbers dwindling their fate was sealed. The battle was concluded two hours before darkness (game time) with the Confederates lacking the troops to continue to press the crossroads. A very a historical victory for the Union.

I'd like to thank everyone for playing the game. It was a fun one to run particularly because all of the players that participated. I hope to game with you all again.

For those who haven't gone to Huzzah! yet, you're missing a real gem. There seem to be plenty of great games to play and from what I can see getting into the game of your choice was quite easy as they weren't over booked. The vendor support was excellent with plenty of places to spend your money and lots of selection. Good fun to be had. Portland is only an hour north of Boston and has great shopping and dining possibilities, so a dual-purpose trip with the Mrs. isn't out of the question either.

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AdamC1776 said...

Sounds like a good game. I did get a chance to drop by late Sunday but by 3:00 Pm things were clearly in the break down phase. Can't wait to hear how the raid on the train went.