Saturday, October 22, 2011

Northern Conspiracy Game Night - October 2011

Last night my club held it's monthly game night. I was fortunate enough to play in my friend Charlie's Carnage & Glory ACW game which was a scenario for the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Camp Wildcat. I was on the attacking confederate side and at the beginning of the battle I feared having the challenge of attacking troops defending wooded hills behind stone walls was going to be an impossible task, but differences in morale grades of the troops and quality of the leaders made this a very well balanced scenario. The Carnage & Glory computer system keeps track of army morale and although it said the Confederates scraped out a Pyrrhic victory, the Union held one of the two hills with solid troops at the end of the game and still had a skeleton force on the other. Considering the victory conditions the best I would claim would be a draw. This was a fun battle. We don't play enough Carnage & Glory games. The rules are fun, but if you don't play them a lot you forget some of the nuances of running and playing them. Maybe I'll make an effort to run a game or two myself soon to keep us in practice.

Andre ran a large game of Aerodrome with three rounds being played and the winner earning the coveted trophy cup as best pilot. I heard a lot of cheering and clapping from that area so everyone seemed to be having a whale of a good time.

Byron ran a Volley & Bayonet game for the Battle of Wandiwash 1760. This was a nice looking game that was the perfect size for game night, in that it took a good number of players while still being able to be played to a conclusion. Byron's linear stands and nicely painted figures looked great in this game.

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Nice looking games; great variety too. Best, Dean