Wednesday, December 7, 2011

German Light Infantry Gun Platoon

This is another platoon for my early war North African German Stutzpunkt force. It is a light infantry Gun platoon consisting of two 7.5cm leIG18 infantry guns, a command team and a forward observer. These are Battlefront models and figures. from the leIG18 blister and some loose figures from my spares box for the FO stand.

This unit gives my Stutzpunkt an inexpensive mobile asset costing only 65 points. The guns can provide light AT support firing directly and can also shoot a template up to 48" allowing for an additional chance to suppress enemy infantry. At only two models I won't be getting many template hits as I'll have to re-roll misses, so I expect mostly to be using these firing direct over open sights.

This unit will most likely be used for low point escalation league games but may stay in my army kit bag when the points level reach 1500 or more points. They're still a fun unit to have and were quick to paint up due to the low figure and base count.


CBax said...

i love these little guns

AdamC1776 said...

Looks like you used some of my rocks :)

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Actually this is railroad ballast I tinted with sepia wash. They're similar size to the rocks you gave me but not as smooth.

I plan to use the rocks you gave me on my 28mm AWI bases.

Willie Anderson said...

Look good!

Scottswargaming said...

Nice, I need some of these for my grenadiers