Saturday, December 3, 2011

Australian 47/32 Anti-Tank Guns

These are more captured Italian 47/32 anti-tank guns in use by my Australian force. These are deployed as a standard anti-tank platoon. They may be used this way, or as dismounts for my portee anti-tank platoon.  Since models don't exist for portee 47/32 guns, I'll have to proxy my 2 pounders when these are being used as portee guns.

These are Battlefront guns and gunners. The guns are from two Italian blisters and the gunners are mostly from my spares box, although there are a couple of figures that are head swaps from the original Italian crews.

The 47/32 gun is inferior to the British 2 pounder AT gun in two areas. It has a lower AT value and it doesn't have a gun shield. It is superior in one area though - it is able to shoot HE ammunition which will allow it to be used against dug-in infantry and infantry in fortifications. The 47/32 is also rated as man-packed mobility, which means you can move it around the battlefield fairly well without the use of trucks and you can dig it in to make up for the lack of a gun shield. For the Australians in early war North Africa I just though it was proper to have at least one platoon of captured Italian AT guns. 

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DeanM said...

AJ: Nice clean painting & basing. Looks very good as a unit. Best, Dean